Business activities

Power Generation Corporation 1 was established according to the Decision No. 3023/QD-BCT dated June 1, 2012 and officially put into operation as from January 2013 with main objectives as follows:

  • Producing energy power and investing in power source development; ensuring power generation safely, continuously, stably for economic, political, social activities, security and national defence;
  • Trading in multi-fields, main businesses of which are energy power and electric power mechanic; operation is profitable; preserving and developing the EVN's capital at EVNGENCO1 and the EVNGENCO1's capital in other enterprises; Reasonably using various forces to maximize profits to accumulate development investment for EVNGENCO1;
  • Preparing necessary conditions in business of energy power so that operation of power market can be in accordance with the roadmap approved by competent authorities,

In order to implement the mentioned-above objectives, also push the EVNGENCO1 to become a strong unit of EVN, the EVNGENCO1 works out some following development strategies:

  1. Make sure units/ plants operating safely, stably and be available to mobilize the right design capacity in any time as required by the National Power System;
  2. Implement successfully tasks of construction investment on power source projects to meet requirements of progress, quality and effectively;
  3. Diversify types of forces, corporate with various local and foreign partners to mobilize financial funds for tasks of construction investment on power projects;
  4. Train and develop the manpower to meet requirements of production, business and international integration;
  5. Ensure effective operation, increase income for employees step by step;
  6. Pay attention to study and improve technical science, cooperate to technology transfer;
  7. The task of operation and construction investment must associate with stainable development and environmentally friendly target.
  8. With a view to implement strategic objectives as set forth, measures are offered as below:
  9. Promulgate stipulations on technical management; regularly care and guide the members to do maintenance and repair of units; arrange on the members to actively procure equipment and spare parts;
  10. Promulgate stipulations on development investment in line with current regulations; follow up objectives of project progress to focus on executive management; arrange adequate capital for projects;
  11. Capital sources for future projects will be arranged from different sources such as preferential loan, commercial loan, sale of assets via capitalization, consortium, association to jointly invest, mobilize other funds from the society;
  12. Determined that manpower is the most important factor to push the Corporation to development. Attention is particularly paid to recruitment and training of staff and employees. Annually, the Corporation spends a part of cost to open training courses to improve knowledge of management, specialty and foreign language; dispatch personnel to oversea training;
  13. Taking part in completive power generation market effectively; being ready to cut down unnecessary costs for operation and construction investment; applying reasonable labor regulation at departments in order to make sure increase of capacity, income for employees and increase of effectiveness in operation of the Corporation;
  14. The Corporation issues the policy to encourage all staff to promote their initiatives in technical innovation to make the Corporation profitable during production. Specialized departments are assigned to study, propose cooperation contents and transfer techniques to local and foreign partners to deploy and implement;
  15. Task of environmental protection will be particularly cared in order to diminish harmful effects, which may occur during operation and construction, to surroundings. It is strived to have important contributions to make surrounding environment green, fresh and beautiful; respecting and taking care of community and society.


Nguyen Khac Son

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